We offer CV Boots, dust boots for ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms etc.

We specialize in manufacturing polyurethane ball joint boots, and we can offer many options of cooperation, depending on the type of business you run. You can check our PDF catalogue, we keep producing new models and will keep updating the catalogue. 

If you run a auto shop: 

- We can supply you with a wide array of ball joint boots and tie rod end boots. 
- We can offer a competitive price, no minimum order obligations. If you are in the EU, and you are VAT registered, we can use bank transfers. We accept payments via PayPal too. 
- We can produce new models according to your needs. 


If you are interested in large quantities:

- We can create a special offer. 
- If you are based outside of the EU, we can setup export according to Incoterms. 

If you are a manufacturer or a dealer of polyurethane suspension components: 

- You can increase your assortment with our products. 
- If your clients are looking for ball joint boots and tie rod end boots, which are hard to find or missing from the market, we can make them without any investment from you. 

With Best Regards. 
The Polyboots Team.