Terms & Conditions

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our polyurethane dust boots.

This is not an online store, as this website does not store personal data, there are no integrated payment, tracking systems, etc.

However, you can make an inquiry in two different ways.

1. B2B.

If you are a corporate customer or you are interested in a larger number of items, you can click on the "Wholesale Inquiry" button through any product. "Wholesale Inquiry form" will allow you to add as many products and quantities as you want. You can see all the products here

We accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer.

2. B2C.

If you are an retail customer or are interested in a small number of products, you can click on the "Add for retail inquiry" button. You can add other products before sending the request. We will send you an offer with shipping options according to the possibilities for your country.

We accept PayPal payments. If you confirm our offer, we will send you an PayPal invoice or a direct payment link.


Due to the changes in the rules of distance selling, please note the following:
If you are in the EU. Each EU member state has its own VAT rate. And for every B2C sale we make, we must apply the local VAT rate of the country where our buyer is located. We don't want to deal with that for now.
For the EU we can only sell to VAT registered customers.
If you are not in the EU, for example in the USA we can ship, but only with couriers, because with post offices we cannot export and VAT is due.


We will probably reopen our eBay store and post information here.