Terms & Conditions


When ordered over the website, your items will be sent as a small package via Bulgarian Posts, and will be delivered by your country's Postal operator. Small packages are up to 2 kg,
FedEx Pak is up to 2.5 kg.

We can deliver with a couriers packages over 2.5 kg, only if prearranged (for Corporate customers).


Ordering on the website via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, they will offer you an option to pay without registering, using debit or a credit card. 
For corporate customers in EU we offer the bank transfer option (prearranged)


Our products are with a standard 2 year guarantee (by EU law) 
In case of claims, you just need to resend us the order email, so we can check the dates, and attach a photo or photos, so we can see how the boot has been mounted, and if there are any defects. 
We would not accept claims if: 
The boots were not mounted correctly. 
You have picked the wrong size. 
Fault in case of impact, puncture or other extreme factors.

Practice has so far shown that under normal operating conditions, our products would last long time.