Selection of suitable dust boot


You can select a dust boot for Your application either by SIZE, TYPE, COLOR (hardness) or by the brand and the model.


Selection by Size, Type or Color


You can use the filter “search in category” related to the relevant category or subcategory. Reduce the size (one size is enough, it is usually used a big diameter) until you matched the one you need, choose (if you like) color and/or type of dust boot. There will be products indicated with the requested parameters.
Caution! You can search with that filter only in the specific subcategory. To search in all categories use SEARCH BY SIZE or the website searching.
If you know the number of our product (it is engraved into all our manufactured products) you can use the searching by the number of the manufacturer (MPN).
You can find MPN in the catalogues in PDF file - CATALOGUES section.



1. For Ball Joint Boots and Tie Rod End Boots.


After we have produced a particular dust boot for the specific application you will see in its description the corresponding brand/model with applied photos and relevant OEM numbers. You can use the website search regarding the brand or OEM number you are interested in.
In the rest of the cases we can not engage ourselves that a particular dust boot would fit for your application. It is caused by the manufacturers and the differences between them and their standards.
Here is an example with a ball joint boot for Nissan regarding the same model but from different manufacturers. As it could be noticed there is a difference between the dust boots.


2. For CV BOOTS - to be continued