About Us


is registered trademark of Polyboots LTD.
The name comes from “polyurethane dust boots”.

We have our own know-how and twenty years of experience. Many firms produce polyurethane suspension components. We are proud to say, that we are one of the few companies in the world, who offer ball joint boots produced by polyurethane, but designed analogically to the original one. In this way, a complete protection has been accomplished by dust and damp and at the same time the problem with the rapid aging of the rubber dust boot has been solved, because polyurethane is extremely resistant to ozone and UV radiation.


Our aims and priorities

The suspension and the steering are car systems by which safety depends on. In several guides it is not recommended to replace a dust boot for a ball joint boot but the whole part directly. We support these recommendations but only when the detail is already outdated and dangerous. When the part is in good condition some money could be saved in case the dust boot is replaced. It is even recommended a new rubber dust boot to be replaced with polyurethane so that the resource of the part could be raised.
Our main purpose is to create a various and plentiful assortment of items with OEМ+ quality and long life. The polyurethane dust boots are stretchy enough and one item could cover many applications. There is a filter, available to search by sizes.

We have an experience as sub supplier of big companies but in the meantime we offer flexible decisions for small business and even for the utmost clients.

Here are the cases in which we could support your project:

  • If you are an auto mechanic or you have a car service and your activity is connected with suspension and steering, we could regularly supply you with high quality dust boots on reasonable prices.
  • If you are in the area of tuning and off-road or you are a fan of polyurethane suspension bushes we are also available to replace the rubber dust boots with polyurethane ones.
  • If you are an owner of classic cars, tractors, trucks and others for which the parts couldn`t be found on the market.
  • If you can`t find a suitable dust boot on the market for your application. We support new projects without committing yourselves financially. For more information here.
  • If you are just tired of replacing dust boots every year and you are looking for a permanent solution.


Our history

In 1998 we had a business concerned with steering and suspension service, wheel alignment and many other different maintaining services.

Also, we had offered ball joint restorations and moreover, we had provided guarantees to our customers, but there were not qualitative ball joint replacement boots on the market, which led to little complaints.

Therefore, we have decided to deal with manufacturing. The road was long and difficult. The major problem was choosing qualified materials. Here is the place to express our gratitude to Professor Hristo Cvetanov and his team from the Institute of polymers in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They have guided us to polyurethane elastomers. Afterwards we have developed our own technology and know-how.

Until now the polyurethane dust boots are with high consumer value. You are lucky to take advantage of our experience.